An emotional story of Ali Banat. Today, I would like to talk about a person. Who is ali banat? Have you heard and watched a sad story of Ali Banat? Do you know about his lifestyle? How did he struggle with cancer in his life? What kinds of the message had created from his life? How many suffer moment or event was it in his life? His life story can make us cry. Yes, it’s possible If someone fully watching his story. Perhaps, many people know about Ali Banat that he has accepted his chancer with glad without depression and said there the cancer is gifted from Allah. But, he never did sadly for cancer.

Let’s say here something:


An emotional story of Ali Banat

Ali Banat was a Muslim. He was born in Australia. So He is 29 or 30 years old. He has journeyed to various countries. His car worth had $600,000. Even, His every shoe made $1300 and other also $700. His every belonging used on expensive. He sometimes spends his time with children. Whatever, you can watch his videos on YouTube. He has narrated some inspire moment so before death from this world. He has described some speech from his life which he liked to do for everyone as bestowing that before death. His speech had helpful to us. In his video was, Money is no value for someone. He has donated every assent to African poor and lonely people.



When he was journeying to different countries. Many country friends visited him before he dies. He was a very rich man. During his three years of fight with cancer. In 2015, when he was drinking tea That time, Suddenly he finds a blow in his mouth Then he goes to a doctor. The doctor is said that your full body has been cancer.



The doctor said to him that you are alive until 7 months in this world. When he has passed 7 months. Then he thinks itself that the doctor told me I shall die, after 7 months. But He was not keeping properly on religion daily. He has taken several kinds of drugs and journeyed to many places. While he has listened and reported that cancer has been in his body. From then on, He rightly spends started to recite the Quran and prayer to Allah on his own religion. And, he targeted that each riches wants to donate to poor people.


An emotional story of Ali Banat

In 3 years, he runs itself to help poor people and he makes some hospitals for some baby, even gave money to various places or situations. He said in front of media so death ago that riches has not important for me If I want to take with me these all riches so it will never possible by me and If wanted yet will not go with me. So, He some inspiration tell said to us as sadly it on wounded us. He nicely said to everybody through a message in front of people.



Whatever I do not want to say too. You fully may watch his video of Ali Banat’s life history. After watching his video, you will have been understanding everything about him. He has cancer in 2015 and He died 28 May 2018. Please, all of you will watch it, I hope that your life can change by this precious speeches. It also gives strength to keep good works in your life. As you should believe it. The sad story of Ali Banat was recorded After death and some life’s story is worth it.



But we are just following him and watching his lifestyle so What a life is passed from this world. He did a lot of suffered means fight with cancer for 3 years So very sad it even maybe it was a good result in this life of his. The only Allah knows about it What will be the main appreciated into his hereafter life. He has scream cried in eyes and even eye-watering give to Allah. It is because for rescue in the journey has good or bad path erasing as a moment from this earth. But it is the truth that all humans will be mixed with soil today or tomorrow. We are waiting for that day like Ali Banat.



He was a Muslim. He suffered a lot on the bed the day and night. May Allah give him heaven. An emotional story of Ali Banat. Ameen. Allah may become protected us from this hell, hypocrites, and sin. Because Our time is going on a gift.



Our life should always surround with good works, in salaah, in ablution, in holy fasting, in purity, stay in the mosque, travel to pilgrimage, Working virtue good for virtue Or A pure focus for being even faithful Whatever comes everything good things. In our life, we get fearful as long as we have succeeded in some dream and hope in anything wishing. A judge of this world is Allah can solve us What we want If Allah looks at us in good so great.



Alright, We can accept with belief as more breath on which great works if our confidence is on right. May Allah keeps us in peaceful, in honestly, in good character that we always wish from our Allah.

You can read down it Ali banat’s final message.


An emotional story of Ali Banat

As you all know. Alhamdulilah, I have passed away. I just wanted to make a little video clip for all the followers that have supported me from day one and come on this journey with me since day one. May Allah reward all you guys. And insha’Allah you continue to support me and MATW insha’Allah. One of the first things is a little piece of advice to the brothers and sisters. As you can see in this life we had the cars, we had the money, we had everything Alhamdulillah.


Ali banat

But subhanAllah, a lot of people during the period of when I was sick they would send me messages, Brother you are guaranteed paradise, Brother you’ve… Brother, you have done so much for the community for the Ummah But SubhanAllah this, This is not worth just a simple blessing that Allah has given us. Like waking up in the morning and being able to walk to the bathroom by yourself. So these things slowly got stripped, stripped away from me.



During the last of my life Alhamdulillah. Wallahi some of us don’t get that chance from Allah, to know when we are going to pass away some of us and a lot of us just pass away suddenly. An emotional story of Ali Banat. You ‘ve heard many stories where brothers and sisters have died in the clubs or overdosed or whatever it is. SubhanAllah. So during your life brothers and sisters just try to have a goal, try to have a plan, try to have a project that you work towards.



Even if it’s not you personally doing it. And you are funding someone else’s projects just do something because Wallah you are going to need it on the Day of judgment. And for the brothers and sisters that are chasing this life Wallah my advice to you guys is this life is becoming, before we used to say five years ago, ten years ago certain things were happening. Now it’s every month things are changing Wallah we are following our desires more than we are following Islam these days.


Ali banat

We just got to be careful because Wallah it’s not a joke anymore. Our kids are getting affected. Everyone is getting affected. Wallah, sometimes I used to just sit on my bed and cry. I just wanted that support from people and, and then subhanAllah, Allah brings you people that you have never thought they will be a part of your life or friends that you didn’t even know they existed.



When I used to travel I used to meet certain people, a lot of them actually went out of their way to come all the way from Dubai or the UK or wherever it was to come to actually visit me when I was sick or in the hospital that loves for the sake of Allah, the Almighty. No photos, no nothing like that.


Just come to visit, 14-hour flight. Just to see if I am okay SubhanAllah. For the people that are out there that are sick or worried or stressed I also say to you people, don’t worry. Allah Almighty will send you people that you never expected. If you really need someone. You just have to have trust and Tawakkul in Allah.




So a little advice for everyone out there, Insha’Allah if you can inspire one, two, three people to do something. Remember when you’re in that grave insha’Allah you would be getting rewarded for everything they’ve done For all the people they’ve brought to Islam. And insha’Allah that will help on the Day of Judgement So always try to have a project or a plan that you’re working towards in this life insha’Allah, insha’Allah that will help us in our grave and the hereafter Jazakalalhukheiran Wyalaikumsalam.

The conversation of Ali Banat with Sheikh.


An emotional story of Ali Banat

Meet Ali Banat, a friend of mine. A young Muslim born and raised in Sydney, Australia who has lived quite a successful life, however it was only recently that his life took a dramatic turn. This is Ali’s story.


Where are you now in your life. What’s happened to you?
Ali: This point in my life, I’ve been gifted Alhamdulillah by Allah with cancer throughout my body and I have changed my whole life to helping people.



Sire: Why do you call it a gift Ali?
Ali: Alhamdulillah, it is a gift because…
It’s a gift because Allah has given me a chance to change.
Sire: What has to have cancer opened your eyes to?
Ali: Everything in life. Even the smallest gift, like breaking fresh air.
Sire: Do you feel like you used to take that for granted before? How long have you had cancer?
Ali: 4 months now.


Ali banat

Sire: Ali was so diagnosticated with echelon 4 cancer and that was given only 7 months to live in life.
(Upon Finding the news he immediately sold his successful business and was forced to reconsider the lavish lifestyle he was accustomed to. Everything was to change.)



Sire: Ali what was your reaction when you came to know you had cancer?
Ali: I got rid of my cars, I got rid of my watches, Even my clothes, I took them with me overseas and gave them to a lot of people up there I wanted to try to leave this world without anything.
Sire: So you were on a mission to get rid of your Dunya (worldly possessions)?



(It wasn’t until Ali invited us into his room, that we truly understood the luxurious lifestyle he was living and the extent of the sacrifice that he was making.)



Sire: What’s this Ali, talk to me?
Ali:┬áIt’s a bracelet that costs about $60,000. Sir: $60,000? Ali: Yes.
Sire: What’s in these boxes Ali?
Ali: They are all my shoes.
Sire: Louis Vuitton? Ali: All Louis Vuitton.
Sire: How much is something like this worth Ali? Ali: They’re probably about $1300. Sire: How much did you pay for that Ali? Ali: About $700. Sire: For thongs ( sandals)? Ali: For a pair of thongs yes. Sire: What’s happening with the sunglasses here Ali?



Ali: I just like collecting different Sunglasses. An emotional story of Ali Banat. I’ve got rid of a lot of them I gave them to a couple of brothers in Africa. Sir: So you’re telling me there’s a kid in Africa walking around with Louis Vuitton’s? Can I try one of these hats? I’ve only mentioned them in my talks about 100 times. Ali: You can try the red one, it’s limited edition, Sheikh Gucci!



(Ali’s interest in the Dunya has left him abruptly and on longer holds a place in his heart)

Sire: So Ali, what do you feel now when you look at this? Ali: Driving something like this doesn’t really cross my mind anymore. An emotional story of Ali Banat. It’s not something I want to do anymore, $600,000 Ferrari Spider, After someone tells you or you find out that you’re sick or you haven’t got much time in this life Wallah this is the last thing that you want to chase and this is how we should be living our lives every day. Sire: A car like this, people would love to be in it, people would love to own, people would love to drive it.



Ali: These people are going for the wrong goals You realize this when you get sick when someone tells you you haven’t got long to live You realize all this stuff, doesn’t benefit you in any way. Sire: So what’s the value of this in your heart?


Our advice

Ali: This is worth one pair of thongs for an Africa child with on thongs It’s worth more to me to see him smile with a pair of thongs than to own one of these by Allah. Sire: Ali has since dedicated the remainder of his life and wealth to helping those who are far less fortunate than him. After an emotional journey to Africa, Ali has established a charity title “Muslim around the world -project “. The organization wasted no time in the construction of a Masjid and a school in Africa to serve as an ongoing charity for him when he finally had to depart this world.


Ali: It all started from when I went to the cemetery when a brother that had cancer passed away And I was at the cemetery and I was just thinking to myself After you go there’s nothing, there’s no one there for you No mother, no father, no brother, no sister except for your deeds Even your money, is not going to be there for you So the only thing that’s going to be there for you is charity And that’s the only thing that’s going to help you gradually through your time in the grave until you get to your ultimate destination.



Sire: As the reality of death further sinks in, Ali spends most of his personal time in preparing himself for His final Meeting with His Creator, Allah. The prophet of Allah (PBUH)says “He who loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him And him who hates to meet Allah, Allah hates to meet him.” Are you loving to meet Allah?


Ali banat

Ali: Because of this cancer I’ve been advised by one of the brothers to take a special drug to help me with pain and stuff and SubhanAllah it’s very strong I took a bit too much and I came into a whole different world As in, not knowing where I was. An emotional story of Ali Banat.



It was very hard for me And subhanAllah I actually have seen things I’ve never seen before and my family were there all standing around me and I was pointing up and I was saying “Ya Allah take me”. It was that beautiful what I was seeing, I just wanted to go and the next day I woke up and I was upset that Allah didn’t take me.


Sire: I ask Allah to purify you and give you Shifa'(cure) and keep you around us for a long time. May Allah reward you and give you Jannah Al Firdaus (paradise).

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