Fear in the name of the god

Fear in the name of the god

There live aged ladies who always put the fear in the name of the god. She was a believer’s ladies keep responsible in the god. The lady was not even in a middle family or rich in his living life. She wanted not nevertheless to be rich but always think his mind to become honestly living in his real life.


 When she is living in lack Then she called his god in blessing anywhere if she issued. She is a confound called this name of the god At all times. She always hard-up because of the exam from god. His life goes sometimes very hard in living. She anywhere feels not too comfortable beginning in living This is result called to fall through of the god. 


One day, she had no money how to buy fruits and foods when she feels nervous. Then she calls the god in prayer. The God! The God! The God of mine!  Protect me from my suffering life that how to get work then taking foods from there.


 Then God ones again examination to hard work in a kingdom. But there was not working to interest any people because in the kingdom was living some frightening people who do not like to help lonely people looking.


 See it, a game of the god. Foremost, She enters the kingdom and starts working there. There was a big stone in the room in the kingdom. The king asked the lady now You picking up the stone and go to a forest and put in there. Then, she feels dread but still, she thinks possible because of belief in the god. This stone was very strengthened when pulling she become weak in his body. A long time as that 24 hours on one day, She struggles with the stone. 


Finally,  By the anyway she has puts the stone in the forest. Afte moved, getting some money for taking foods. Then she says to God. The God of mine, I know and believe you that you always exam me cause you love me.


                           “The end”


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