Fighting for survival quotes

Fighting for survival quotes

Fighting for survival quotes. This life fights for survival. In this fight, life is the name of survival by eating and falling on oneself. The name of saving and defending oneself is the battle of life.



If you hear right now that you have cancer, you will live another week. Then you will be sad for once – why didn’t you get a chance at Dhaka University? Why didn’t you study at Oxford? Why didn’t you get the best job?


Fighting for survival quotes

When you are in the throes of death from cancer. Will you ever regret why you lost someone you loved so much! None of this will come to mind then.



The cancer patient does not have the sadness of not getting a chance in the best varsity of the country, the thought of taking revenge for the insult of a friend does not even come to mind then. There is no regret in not being able to marry the most beautiful girl in the class with love. Then being able to live another year and another month becomes his best wish to the Creator.



How many patients are groaning in the hospital in the pain of death today? Today you and I could have been on the list of these patients. This is a lot that I am still alive today.



A blind man says that only others can see everyone in the world happier than himself. His life is meaningless to a cripple. He is happiest with the man walking by his side. Fighting for survival quotes. For Bob, life is a burden. He understands everything but alas he can’t explain anything to anyone. But I can see you, I can walk, I can talk but I can’t feel happy even after all these things.


Fight synonym

Believe me, there are at least millions of people in the world who want a life like yours. They want to live happily ever after. All the blind in the world want to look like you, all the lame want to walk like you, all the dumb want to talk like you. Only then will they enjoy lifelike heavenly bliss. But it is a pity that you yourself are the target of so many millions of people, so many billions of people want a life like yours, not being able to feel your happiness right there.



Happy people know why happy? He is not happy because everyone gives him happiness, but he is happy because he feels happiness in everything. There is only one life. Then why do we have to spend every day regretting? You will not get much in life, you will lose even if you get a lot, you will not be able to reach his goal even if you try hard for many things. But what you have got in this life is nothing compared to not getting this little bit. The motivation for survival.



Today you regret not getting the best job as a graduate, but if you were not a graduate today, you would not have this sadness. Then, just thinking that you have become a graduate, you can pass your life by laughing. Life seems to be in vain without finding the one you love, but you don’t realize how much you love yourself outside the home. Medically, think of the patient who has to live with an oxygen cylinder every day. You and I are still getting oxygen for free, you can only survive by laughing and playing happily.


Our advice

Before you get upset about not being able to buy an expensive pair of Apex shoes, think of a rich lame man who can afford a shoe factory but can’t afford to wear little sandals. Think of the paralyzed patient before saying life is useless for not being able to buy a brand watch, he would be happier if he could just move his hands properly, the thought of a watch is not in his head. But you are not happy with healthy hands.



Before you think life is meaningless without being able to buy the most expensive dress, visit the medical burn unit once. You will see how the burnt patients are groaning after bandaging all over their bodies. He does not need expensive clothes on his body, he is happy only if he can live in a healthy body. But you are not happy even after having so many things.



We are all happy. What is the benefit of making life miserable by thinking unnecessarily complicated? Who will make me sad if I feel happy myself? Don’t let the joy of life ruin the thought of not getting a little of what you have got in this one life. Today the sadness of not getting a chance in varsity will not be in old age, today the sadness of losing a loved one will not be in middle age. No sorrow lasts long. So why are you spending today’s beautiful time unnecessarily thinking of not getting a chance at the best varsity, not being able to build an expensive career, not being able to get close to the people you love? Every day is full of joy and happiness.

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