After completing all the tasks that you know are necessary, do the rest of the work that has the potential to meet your needs. Those actions are like buying lottery tickets. If a ticket is won, there is a possibility of getting crores of rupees, but people spend very little money to buy a ticket, because there is no guarantee. As much as untested actions may make you rich, wise, and powerful, use only a little time, energy, and resources behind them. There is a risk of missing out on a golden opportunity even if you don’t use it at all, and even if you use too much, since you have a 99.99% chance of wasting time, energy and resources on the wrong thing, there is little time, energy and resources like buying tickets for these potentially useful activities. Although doing the necessary work will not benefit you as much as winning a ticket, but where the probability of winning a ticket is 0.002% percent, the probability of benefiting by doing the necessary work in the normal way is 100%. On the contrary, don’t hurt yourself by the greed of winning tickets. Never do the unnecessary work like buying tickets before finishing the necessary work, so you should not spend the whole day doing all the unnecessary work like buying tickets. If you do so, you will not even notice when all these activities will engage you in fulfilling the needs of mind and senses which ultimately get you into troubles. Then the works will no longer be potentially beneficial. These things will definitely become harmful then. So stick to the necessary actions the most. And spend a little time on activities you think might be helpful. 

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