Give time to your relationship Quotes


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Give time to your relationship Quotes

Give time to your relationship Quotes

Give time to your relationship Quotes. The man who doesn’t value us. We love the man who is more special than us. The man who doesn’t understand us. Our mind is also strange that we keep in mind the responsibility of breaking this mind again and again. And those who do not understand our love. We love them all the time. With whom we give up all the work of the world to spend time, to talk. But that man does not have time for us.


Give time to your relationship Quotes

Once upon a time, a girl loved a boy very much. The girl always wanted a little time from the boy. But the boy was busy with his own work. The girl kept telling the boy to talk to me, send me some SMS, give me some time. I don’t want anything else from you.



But this boy would give the girl a little time at the end of the day. If the girl sent 100 SMS, the boy would send only one SMS. If the girl called 10 times, the boy would call only once. The boy would have given much less time to the girl. The boy had some different dreams. He wanted to get a lot in life. Boy, I used to tell the girl over and over that I love you a lot but I have to achieve a lot in life. I have a career, I have dreams. And it has to be fulfilled, all my time is only yours.



But the girl used to say, why should we waste today thinking about tomorrow? What should I do with that future? For which I will not find you today. In this way, there were occasional quarrels between the two of them. Give time to your relationship Quotes. Then one day the girl said to the boy, “Okay, do something.” You won’t call me or text me 24 hours a day. We won’t talk at all and if you can do it. Then I will love you forever The boy says, OK, so, be it.


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The next day, the boy did not send any SMS or call to the girl. Whole a day goes by like this. The next day when the boy calls the girl, he sees that the girl’s phone is off, no SMS is going, no call is going. After the boy can’t stay, he goes to the girl’s house. Going there, the boy found out that he had been taken to the hospital. The boy was rushed to the hospital. And when he reached, he found out that the girl was dead.



And the girl in the house told the boy with a letter and left it for you. It was written in the letter. I had very little time. And I wanted to be with you one last time. And tomorrow when I find out I have only one day left. Then I understand. Now you have to live without me all your life. And congratulations you have won.



You’ve been without me for a whole day. And I want you to spend your whole life without me. I may not be in this world anymore. But I will love you all the time. The boy read the letter and cried a lot. She wonders what I will do now with this success, with this dream where you will not be with me. He regrets a lot and thinks if I gave him a little time if I listened to him a little if I understood his pain a little.


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Yes, I accept that every human being needs a dream, a career in life but if we give up our loved ones for this. What is the benefit of that dream? What a benefit, in that success, where your loved ones will not be with you. Running in the middle of the crowd in the world, the crowd will gather behind you, but where will you find the mind that only thought of you.



Where do you get that man who only loved you? In because’s world, we have seen people who are in the middle of a crowd all day but are still alone, and we have seen people who have only one heart to love. And they don’t need anyone else in this world, I’m not saying you shouldn’t pursue your dreams or make your career. It needs a lot, a lot of importance. You must do all these things. You must do all this. But also remember, in pursuit of your dreams, in the pursuit of your career, you should not lose your loved ones

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