Honestly is the best policy

Honestly is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy. When you are honestly living in good character in this world. Then many people try to attack you that mean why you are good beside everyone. That time, there will come a difficult examination for you. Because they do not want you the greatest living goodly beside someone.



In the event, there will be many kinds of problems nearly you. This true that Allah checks you through various things that mean you are inpatient or impatient, You are quiet or restive, You are snuffy or calm, You are suffering or a good feeling, You are disappointed or not, You are covetous or not gannet so All tests will come to you through Allah. The solid experiment can give you maximum sorrow.



Sometimes, there will be impossible to carry yourself in good faces at looking for someone. Perhaps you will be Unknowledgeable or swoon around everyone. It is that Allah is checking you through the huge each matter, and about knows unknown things exam. Honesty is the best policy. Whatever, there will not give you inspire, love, respect, friendship, enjoyment, enthusiasm.



So you are reaching in your own way which means picking up. It is the ticklish result of reality at this time. Even, If you luckily can not control yourself. Then It will become a failure for you. So, become patience in your own position that what you believed it wants into your heart as purely.


Honesty is the best policy

Yes, if you are right in your dreams. Then, you can reach your goal. You Just need waiting as well as patience for a person who checks you. The patience can relax you that you are struggling for successful, or forgetting your dream, and drawn in your mind. Already your opportunity and results will be completed through believing that What you have put so you deeply got with self-confidence. Finally, you are an actual battlefield in this earth, even the originally valued or expensive.

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