How to be happy with yourself?

How to be happy with yourself?

How to be happy with yourself? You will unendingly find more & more interesting objects of the senses if you keep pursuing them. It is an endless process. If you totally dedicate yourself to pursuing such an object. You won’t get any time to do anything else except eating, sleeping, pursuing them. Your mind won’t find the endpoint of this pursuit until you die because more & more pleasant objects will keep inviting you from the distant. The problem is, the more you pursue them, the more you will lose your energy, your beauty, your time, your ability to earn money, your possibility of getting enlightened & you will die with the mark of frustration on your face.


How to be happy with yourself?


So, resist the temptation of pursuing pleasant objects as they do more harms to you than the momentary excitement they give. You may think you will not waste all your time pursuing them — you will pursue them once in a while. But that short period of time spent on pursuing them harms you physically, financially, psychologically & spiritually so badly that before you recover from the bad state of body, mind & spirit, again you start pursuing them all day long. This way the bad effects resulting from pursuing them keeps turning worse in the course of time.


Our advice


So, stop pursuing them completely thinking that you will feel the same intensity in your desire to pursue them even after you have pursued them for the whole life. Rather, the desire to pursue them will be more intense than the intensity you feel in your desire now. How to be happy with yourself? And the more intense the desires left unfulfilled are, the more restless, frustrated & thirsty your mind will remain.



As pursuing them doesn’t lessen the intensity in your desire, isn’t it better to stop pursuing them completely & start implementing your time, money, energy & attention in earning money to meet the basic needs of your physical existence, developing your physical & mental health & attaining supreme joy by becoming enlightenment before it is too late to implement these properties? You have to attain enlightenment, you have to contribute to raising human consciousness higher by being enlightened. If you remain in pursuit of the objects of the senses. You won’t be able to be a blessing for either yourself or for the world. And remember that, don’t only stop pursuing them. Stop accepting them when they come to you by themselves. Because that will also destroy you as pursuing them does.

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