How to change your life?

How to change your life?

How to change your life? The happiest thing in life is to do the work that people say you can’t do. Pride is never so good that I don’t need anyone. And this arrogance is not good that I will need everyone. Make yourself so busy in life that there is no time to be upset. I heard that the one whose mind is good has bad luck.


How to change your life?


Experience does not come from age, it comes from the situation. This is the truth that both of them are seeing in life. One is watching tomorrow and the other is watching tomorrow. Never put all your money under the open sky and you will not fall asleep all night. Then think about it. How much thought a farmer has in his head. Sometimes people say nice things to you, not to honour you, but to deceive you. Bad things will come to you for those who cannot come to your level.



Today I got a new lesson when I went to the market to buy grapes, ask the price in the store. The shopkeeper says 100 rupees per kg. There were some open grapes on the side. I asked for his price and he said 40 rupees per kg. Did I say why such a low price? The shopkeeper said that grapes are also good. But it is separated from the bunch so its price is so low. Then I understand. When we are separated from our family, our value is reduced by less than half.


Steps to change your life


The one who will be with you in the time of happiness is your loved one, and the one who will be with you in the time of sorrow is your relative. People never want to hear bad things about themselves no matter what is true. And listen to the praise with the mind, even if it is a lie. How to change your life? Some people’s thoughts are strange. Some people are wondering how the people in front are so happy. Who says people can’t change his look? If you tell the truth on because’s face, you will see a new look on his face.



Do not oppress any person in life who has no one to call on except God. You make mistakes, I make mistakes. Because we are two people. Lord is not you, the lord is not me either. You blame me and I blame you. But, you don’t see yourself, neither do I. Misconceptions have made the distance between the two. Otherwise, you are not bad, and neither am I. I don’t need people who are with me only for their own interests.


Our advice


I am happy with my God who is with me unselfishly. How to change your life? The flower is good in this cartoon, it gives fragrance, the cut is good in this cartoon, Because prevents it from making mistakes. Friend this because is good Because he gives his life for us. And how can I call the enemies bad, because is the one who takes our name everywhere? Criticism for the living, and praise for the dead. Breathing will leave today or tomorrow. So I’m with you now, keep talking, who knows when you will leave.




Thank you, O God, for all that you have given me, all that you have not given me, and all that you have taken back with me. Because, whatever you have given me is your kindness, whatever you have not given me is good for me. And whatever you took back with me was a test for me. At the end of the day, speak on my behalf in a way that everyone wants to hear from you, and listen in a way that everyone wants to hear only you.

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