How to control your mind from unwanted thoughts?

How to control your mind from unwanted thoughts?

How to control your mind from unwanted thoughts? Always remember that your unconscious mind doesn’t get dominant over you in a moment. It becomes dominant over you so smoothly that you don’t even notice how it takes you over. It becomes dominant over you step by step. Each step is so tiny that you don’t even think that it’s taking full control over you.


The whole process started. When you take the first step which seems so negligible that. You think taking that step won’t have any negative impact on you. But it actually leaves a negative impact which primarily remains a little unfathomable. And that negative impact starts compelling your mind to take the second step. So again you think that such little step won’t be of much harm. And it leaves for negative impact than the first. 




Now you’ve lost control over your mind. Now you bound to take further steps towards sensuality as the whole act has become so compulsive that not taking steps will make you feel starved & unsatisfied. And the mind doesn’t like to feel unsatisfied. So you can’t help taking more & more steps disregarding all your duties & responsibility towards yourself & towards others. You forget all about your future in those moments of unawareness. And you go on taking steps until you reach the point where your body gets so exhausted & dissipated that it no longer remains energetic to continue letting the senses remain active. 


How to control your mind from unwanted thoughts?


When your senses come to a halt, your mind also comes back to you from the objects of the senses. Then you realise how cruelly your mind made you lose the vitality, strength & healthiness of your body by getting you engaged in these sensuality activities. And Your body becomes feverish & ugly. The smile on your face disappears. All these degradations give birth to wisdom in your mind & this wisdom inspires you to stay away from sensual activities. 


But again your mind gets control over you the way it got control over you previously. Single-step, howsoever negligible it is, towards sensuality paves the way for your mind to gain control over you.




And the first step is always the thought of sensual activity. Your mind will never able to engage in more harmful sensual activities if you detach yourself from less harmful sensual activities, it is as if, If you remain so aware with a view to keeping yourself untouched by mosquitoes, The question touched by any insects bigger than the mosquitoes will never arise because, when you decide to remain untouched by the mosquitoes, your eyes turn into x-ray eyes. 



The x-ray eyes that don’t fail to see the little mosquitoes, will never fail to see something bigger than the mosquitoes. How to control your mind from unwanted thoughts? Just the same way, when you will not get engaged in any activity which is the least harmful activity, no harmful activities will be able to get you engaged in them.




And this the only way to avoid engaging in harmful activities. If, by mistake, you engaged in a minor harmful activity which attracted to major harmful activity, disregard this attraction howsoever scratched you feel. This feeling of being scratched is momentary & it not going to leak the energy of your body.



But if you go for the major harmful activities, all your energies will be leaked & you will be left drained, dissipated & darkness on your face. The least harmful activity starts with thinking about sensual activities. So, such thinking is the first step towards destruction. Don’t take the first step if you want to get rid of taking further steps.

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