How to overcome sadness? living a sad life

How to overcome sadness? living a sad life

How to overcome sadness? The fun that comes from creating your own identity is not found in the shadow of others. There are three stages of love – firstly, someone comes into life and fills life with joy, secondly, he leaves life and sorrow comes down in life, and thirdly, he gets rid of all those troubles, comes out of there and dreams again and lives to fulfil that dream Put on


People say he has left and I say it’s good that because got another new because to survive. He didn’t leave you. Your weakness has left him. So start all over again and start seeing your future, not your dream. Once again, remember that you wanted to prove your childhood dreams a lot then and today. You have to prove a lot more. One thing I tell . Everyone is to run away from your dreams so much that meeting you becomes the dream of people who have ever made fun of you.


How to overcome sadness?

First of all, make your own career, then make love. Nowadays, love will belong to the one who has a career. Not too much in life, but at least be successful enough to meet the needs of your parents and you. When you don’t understand what your future will be like then pay attention to your present because if your present is good then the future will automatically get better. It is not important that all your dreams come true but 10 out of 100 important dreams come true.



The only way to be successful in life is to forget what you don’t do. How to overcome sadness? You will learn more and I will say at the end of it all that the value of everything comes only when the time comes to understand whether you know not that or the people around you but the day your time will come I know the people around you will know you mean, so to speak, which is to say, to do his stay, the time will come too.


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