How to prevent Rape completely

How to prevent Rape completely. Scientist Pavlov tied a dog to a lab and performed a variety of experiments over the long term. He used to give them food every day at certain times. There were bowls and mirrors in front of the dog. There, Pavlov monitored the dog’s behavior. Dogs were fed at exactly the same time each day. Pavlov was accompanied by his lab assistant. The amount of saliva that a dog gets when eating food measured in a container. The brain’s usual reflex is saliva drops when eating food.


But Pavlov saw that – not eating food, but just seeing the food, the dog’s saliva started to drop.


Pavlov looked at the food and measured the amount of saliva that left in the container after the dog had seen the food


After several days, Pavlov saw that the dog’s saliva was coming out as he entered the lab, regardless of whether he comes with food or not.


One day Pavlov himself did not go to the lab and sent his lab assistant to the lab without food. The lab assistant surprised to discover that the dog started producing saliva the moment it saw him (lab assistant).


How to prevent Rape completely

Pavlov did something different this time. He kept playing a bell at the same time as he was giving the dog food. The dinner served and the bell was ringing.


Then Pavlov and his assistant came to the lab without food one day and started ringing bells.

He found that the dogs were getting the same amount of saliva despite not giving them food. These have no relation to saliva erosion. But the dog has co-related food packets, pavlovs, lab assistants, or bell sounds to food in his Learning Behavior.


And his brain is detecting everything that happens with food as a saline alkali. He calls the brain’s learning method “conditioning” and “conditioned reflex.” The reason that the brain has got this stimulation associated with another stimulation.


How to prevent Rape completely.


A 6-year-old girl, a girl in Hizab, or a 60-year-old grown up woman does not provoke carnal desires, naturally. But because of the conditioning of the learning method, it serves as a serious stimulant in the brain of a rapist. How does this Conditioning take place?



Dr. Elias, director of the National Institute of Health in the United States, says that there are three factors that shape our personalities. These are : education, companionship, and the environment.




Let’s see the misconceptions we are getting about girls from education and the environment.


What are you teaching to the young children in the book named “Know Yourself” in Class Eight? – “Expressing sexual feelings with mutual consent is not condemnable.” What have you taught to young children in the novel named “For thousands of years” in class nine? – The art of flirting with others cheating on husband.


When a boy in his thirteenth or fourteen reads the novel “for thousands of years” and reads the love story of Tony Mantu, he subconsciously thinks of himself as Montu and thinks of a girl as Tony. And this thinking, from neurological’s point of view, is not only natural ; rather, not thinking is unnatural.



What have you taught to young teenagers in the book named “Padma nodir majhi” in class XI? – the same techniques of having side affair with the sister-in-law while cheating on wife.  How to prevent Rape completely. After having read about Kuber’s relationship with Kopila, how do you look at your sister-in-law? In what shape did the poets and writers portrayed women in Bangla literatures, stories, plays, novels, poems? What kind of fiction do these stories & literatures create in your brain?



What are the young taught to in the “Shakuntala” article in Class XI? “The whole emergence of color of new leaves in the lips of Shakuntala; both the arms decorated with various colors ; and new youth like a blossoming flower, spread across the body. What kind of pictures get popped up in your mind when you read those those descriptions of Shakuntala wearing the peel of tree? – The description of Shakuntala’s seductive naked body.


How do you represent women in the literature?

– Products for enjoyment.


What do you represent a woman in advertising as?

– Products for enjoyment..


How are you presenting women in drama, telefilm, films?


– Products



How do you represent women in the literature?

– Consumption of luxury goods.


What do you represent as a woman in advertising?

– Contents of pleasure


How are you presenting women in drama, telefilm, films?

– Objects of lust.



How are you presenting women in Chayanot, Art Academy, and Fine Arts?


– Products of sensuality


How are you presenting to women in the media?

– Products of gratification


What are you learning about AIDS advertising?

– You need to know if you want to live (No need to act upon your knowledge). In the first world there is no knowledge of AIDS, that’s why so many AIDS!)


What are you teaching to Generation Next ? – to be a liar, deceitful, ambitious, little educated, unskilled, prostitute quality girl to save a bunch of on-line off-line media from the poor competition of the country and running behind all the famous corporate houses of the traitor’s business? (Bats with first place in the Miss Bangladesh competition)

Our information

What kind of image does our literature, drama, art, advertising, culture give a boy about a girl? The boys’ cognition is evolving in this special mold, which is being deposited in the Brain Memorial. In fact, in the pre-conception of the brain, or in the memory repository, women are a body through which the appetite of the body and mind can be satisfied.


Then when you say that women have to be respected, to be regarded as mother / sister, that is not accepted by many brains. How to prevent Rape completely. Because in the brain about women from the environment a concept has been established – Consumables!


From this pre-conception, no one can escape from being raped regardless of 6-year-old girl, 60-year-old grown up woman or even an woman covered by veil.


In the medical term, each disease has three dimensions – Agent, Host (in which the disease causes or attacks germs) and Environment (the environment in which the disease occurs).


Examples include typhoid disease –


The agent is Salmonella bacteremia

Host – Typhoid patient who consumes water / food infected with bacteria

And the environment – polluted water / food


Again for a road accident

Agent – inefficient / intoxicated driver

Host – A car that lacks fitness

Environment – Zigzag or broken road, color parking, vague road sign



Disease is caused by the interaction of these agents, hosts and the environment.


Rape is a moral disease

Agent – Perverted men of perverted morality

Host – Women

Environment – The sexually suggestive environment that I mentioned earlier.


Now to control typhoid in a medical way

Antibiotics should eaten (for killing salmonella bacteria, as well as for controlling agents).

Contaminated food / water cannot eaten (host control) and

Water pollution and food pollution should stopped (environment control)


Likewise, to prevent road accidents

Drivers should be provided with exemplary punishment, appropriate training in them (Agent Control)

Non-fitness vehicle route permission should withdrawn (host control)

Zigzag road, color parking, obscure road sign should be closed (Environment Control)


Likewise, to stop rape

Exemplary punishment (Like Saudi Arabia), Motivating Moral Education in Men – Agent Control

Encouraging women to walk civilly (host control)

And in drama, song, story literature, advertisement women should stop presenting themselves as products (environment control)


I have antibiotics, I will eat all pure contaminants, but I will not get typhoid – it is illogical!



In the same way, rape will not stopped with the example of men, without awakening their morals, telling women not to run civilly, without controlling the environment.


Because the law very limited in racing. The child is killing the mother, the mother is killing the child, the husband is killing the wife, the wife is killing the husband – what will the law do here?With guards, wrongs cannot be stopped by law values are aroused. How to prevent Rape completely. The United States occupies the first place when it com

How to prevent Rape completely

Pavlov’s experiments on dog


es to raping. (Reference is in the comment section).



Dr. MD. Elias

Resident, Neurology

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