How to prosper financially?

How to prosper financially?

How to prosper financially? Working for the future is, in other words, working for the present! If you work today for tomorrow when tomorrow comes. You will find tomorrow as present and. You will reap the benefit of your works in those present moments.


How to prosper financially?


As a result, working for tomorrow. You are really making your next present moment more enjoyable than this present moment. Don’t just work for getting more wealth in the upcoming present moment, work for getting more health & wisdom also. Health is the basis on which you can erect the edifice of wealth & wisdom. If you just work for getting wealth in the upcoming present moment damaging your health, when that moment comes. Although you will have plenty of wealth, you won’t be able to enjoy your wealth. As you will have been physically disabled by then.




So work for the upcoming present moments in such a way that the very working might not harm you physically. Or get you indifferent to diving into this present moment in meditation. While working for getting more healthy, wealthy & wise in the upcoming present moments. Keep in mind that if you die all on a sudden, the extra activities done for the sake of your upcoming present moments might not be the cause of your repentance.


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So, work for the upcoming present moments in such a way that. These activities don’t prevent you from meditating & taking care of your health in the present moment. Always remember that you’ve to work for the upcoming present moment only to ensure that. You will have health, wealth & wisdom enough to use them for meditation & contemplation. So that you may realize yourself before you die.



Don’t forget that, self-realization is your ultimate goal. Whatsoever you do, you have to do with a view to reaching that goal. But when you engage in sensual pleasure in the present moment. Your upcoming present moments become painful as you end up losing your physical, mental & spiritual energy, mental patience & other qualities. In those moments of hellish experiences & feelings, your mind again gets engaged in the same sensual activities with a view to forget all about those painful experiences.


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This is how you get the victim of the vicious circle & you keep becoming more & more unhappy, unhealthy & poor. You feel like engaged in sensual activities the most. When you go through the hellish experience in the present moments the most.



So, the more you make this present moment by working for it beforehand. The less you will feel like engaging in sensuality activities. And the less you get engaged in sensual activities, the more you will be capable of relaxing & meditating in the present moment & working for the upcoming present moments. Thus you will get into the virtuous circle & the speed of your progress towards your goal will keep being accelerated by itself.

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