Losing a child stories, i lost my daughter

Losing a child stories, i lost my daughter

Losing a child stories. The sadness of being away, when someone lost relates from us is the greatest sorrow in the world, and many people think that life is over after that. There is nothing left to do in life but if you live in this life and you move forward according to the rules of life. If you don’t, then you are doing injustice to your life.



Rajesh means a man had a seven-year-old daughter named Rimi. Rajesh loved his daughter very much and Rimi also loved his father very much. On the way home from the daily office, Rajesh used to bring chocolates and toys for his daughter. Spending time with Rimi all the time. Rajesh did everything he needed to do as a father and Remi also loved his father very much.


Losing a child stories

Then suddenly one day Rimi fell ill. Her parents took her to the hospital but could not save Rimi. Rimi left this world and then the world of Rajasthan became empty. He so upset that he didn’t talk to anyone and went to the office and stopped. All my close friends tell Rajesh that moving forward is the name of life, you have to move forward, you should move forward but Rajesh didn’t want to understand anything.



And one day when Rajesh fell asleep thinking about Rimi, he saw fairies in his dream, there were many fairies in white clothes and he saw Rimi there too. Rajesh asks his daughter, Rimi, why are you extinguishing everyone’s candles? Then Rimi says Dad I light this candle again and again but you cry so much it fades away again and again in your tears.



After waking up, Rajesh realizes that if he is crying and hurting, he is hurting Rimi too. Losing a child stories. We should all understand that our loved ones, those who love us, always want to see us happy. If God has given you a great sorrow, then He must have given you the ability to endure it. Recognize the strength within yourself, judge rightly with life put the sorrow behind you and move forward.


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