Love poems for her

Love poems for her

Love poems for her.

Yesterday I went to the sea,

Suddenly a Queen saw me.

She asks me, How handsome you are!
Think of a view to her, pull me.


I know not Who she was.
How to talk but she interests me,
Really she what surrounds me.
Thinking, goes the day to night to her,


Love poems for her


There was to a contemplate.
What a beautiful girl to imagine,
She what remember me in the night.
As I am thinking her at this time,


Once she what vision me as I do it?
Maybe the day will go to ponder of her.
Return “You” come to me in envision.
I call you to pull in the heart of mine,


To leave the day and night, the mind just confides to her.
There doesn’t sleep in silence, the soul just knows,
No, give to sleep, no peace in sense at the right time.
Just waiting for you, the more day not that you nearly of mine to very away.

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