Love quotes

Love quotes

Love quotes

I can not live without you.

The one I whom loves She is but you.

In my life, the one You are in my bayou.

Every moment of me always hopes you.

Love quotes

Never forget me, Oh my love!

Except me, you can not live Because you are my reactive.

This every moment I dreamt you into the truelove.

You don’t know feelings maybe, Oh my love!



A life wants just you of my, nothing other life because you are my Queen in my dream.

You are in my deem as well as also in my stream think you and in the mainstream.

If you contradict me I will go to upstream losing my life Because of you only my moonbeam.

Why you don’t try to understand How much I love you in my daydream.


Please once believe me and say to me because You are my sweetheart!

You are the one always in my chart.

Without you, I am lonely into my apart.

The more days I am in the world, the one name always say that you are my heart!

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