My success story as a student

My success story as a student. We truly know and believe means that support is the best human being, Support makes us confidence full, Support makes us energy full, Support gives us pleasure and hope. As this same I am here to struggle, Let me talk differently to share describing:


In my family matter, my father is a high school teacher. So he gets more than twenty thousand money per month. But he never gives me any money to take breakfast or any Phone recharge money. He never gives me money to buy a phone. But I managed this by my own wish, by my own dream. 


Some day ago, one group member called me to buy a PC which is impossible for me. Only I know my situation. Sometimes I cry to my mother for ten takas. Yeah, it is true. I shared all talk with my mother. Hearing my improvement, she feels happy. But on the other hand, my father who is the maintainer in my family never believes me and never support me. He compares me with the greatest failure. He always compares me to failure. I just hear this and getting some pain. But I tolerate the whole thing to live on the earth.

My success story as a student

One month ago, When Razib Ahmed Sir supported me much, then my confidence of dream was increased much. Then I have started to believe, “I can fill my dream”. From my birth, there’s no man who supports me but no one man stops their negligence to me. But Mir Zahid Shawon Vai supported me also so much. For this reason, I got my past hope and wish. Nay, Razib Ahmed sir made me a man who is still clinging with a dream. Now I am a man who is still trying and trying. It is my present habit which is taught by Razib Ahmed sir.

My success story as a student I salute you, sir. I don’t know any word how to praise yours. In the Rangpur division, there’s no man who supports me to cling with my dream without Afsana Mimi apu. Thanks a lot, Apu for supporting me. You are a student I know. So no need me any money from you to buy a magazine. Please pray for me Apu And also Thanks a lot Tima Islam Apu. You are so sweet apu who also supports me much. Please keep me in your prayer. 

Really, there’s no need any family support to be succeeded. As family depends on our success. When we will be succeeded, then they will be introduced by another saying our name. It is a reality. I am a very lucky man who gets already some great supporter of my present failure life. In the earth, there has a rule “no one supports you when you are a failure”. It is a natural rule. But Razib sir broke this rule and has started supporting us which made us very strong people. My success story as a student. Really we got him gifted from Allah. I SALUTE YOU, SIR.


At last, I am happy as I am a failure. I am happy as I am money less man.  am lucky as I got Razib sir. I am happy as I got Search English. Now I will change my whole life by Search English. Everybody prays for me and my situation.

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