Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue. What God does is for good. God never disappoints us. Today you may not have found something good, but in the future may be something much better is waiting for you. Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, said, “I failed a few things in the exam but my friend passed all the exams. Now he is a Microsoft engineer and I am the founder of Microsoft. ”

Today I will tell you a story of success through effort and patience.


Patience is a virtue

A man from the village went to the city in the hope of getting a job, he was not able to do much in the city because he was not very educated. He later got a small job as an office assistant in a multinational company.



As a result of his hard work, he was earning good money in a few days. Gradually he saved money and within a few years bought a small truck to carry tomatoes. He then set up his own vegetable farm.
Thus in a few years, he became the owner of an agricultural company. His crops worth crores of rupees would be sold every month. He thought of taking out life insurance to protect his huge fortune. Upon receiving this news, an agent of an insurance company approached her to insure her. When the agent asked for his email while filling out the form, he said, “I don’t have an e-mail address.”


The agent is surprised to hear this, he says, “You do not have an e-mail address but you own crores of rupees. If you had an e-mail address, you would be the number one richest person in the world. Because then rich businessmen from home and abroad could communicate with you. ”


He laughed and replied, “If I had an e-mail address, I would be an office assistant, so I haven’t opened an e-mail until today.”
Until something good happens, you have to wait, you have to work, you have to be humble to the Creator, you have to try. After all, we must always be confident.
Success will come. Success will find us.


Our advice


On the first day the man joins the office, the company asks him to provide his e-mail address. It was mandatory for all officers and employees of that company to have personal e-mail addresses. Patience is a virtue.
But the man had no e-mail address. For this little reason, he was fired on the first day. Angered and sad, he bet that he would never work again.
He bought tomatoes from the market with a little money from the village and started selling them on the streets.

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