Psychology of cowardice

A bold can win What the person there thought to germinate.

But cowardice can not win then the one who thinks not too affectionate.

Into your Daring, you can win When you perfect holder on that laminate.

Fear never can give you to succeed as obstinate.


Timidness is the one name who always foolish.

Into bashfulness, you never can to achieve as accomplish.

But if the one who wants to protect into bold the dream hoping then be careful itself to get having as wish.

Be confuse on yourself then automatically improving the flourish.


There never come Victory through brightness when it comes hesitation.

It never maybe solve if come abdication.

Bold & cowardice are not the same but different when it comes automatically to understand one other so making of acclamation.

It’s a stroke of luck when you feel activation.


If you don’t have bold, then you will get the result in hopeless.

It always makes itself to happen aloofness.

Back things never make you nevertheless.

Because that if don’t have also bold, then you will get more and more arbitrariness.

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