The power of self confidence summary

The power of self confidence summary

The power of self confidence summary. If you rely on God, you will get what you have. But if you rely on yourself, God will give you what you want. A farmer puts a flower seedling in a bottle and puts the other in the ground. The tree in the ground grows normally but the tree in the bottle grows as much as the size of the bottle. We all know why this is happening. The walls of the bottle blocked the branches and the branches could not grow because of that barrier. This is exactly what happens to us. We cannot go beyond our thinking.


The power of self confidence summary


William Shakespeare said- Life is the result of our thinking. Hindi Food said- If you have faith in you, you can do it, then you will do it and if you believe in your failure, then you will think right. Really, everything depends on faith. We have to make our thoughts bigger.



Believe in yourself. If you don’t have faith in us, in our work, in our Astra, then no one else will come to take you forward, just believe in yourself. This makes the big things easier. You have all heard the name Columbus. It was with this belief that Columbus set out to find the other end of the earth. That he would find a new world and he was so confident that he believed he would succeed. When there is an obstacle while walking on the road, the man with him goes back to John saying nothing will be found, in the end, you may have to lose your life. But Columbus didn’t hear anything because he believed he would leave in search of a new world. After some distance, his companions tell him to leave.


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But in the end, Columbus reached his goal. Thomas Edison, imagine how confident he was, once, twice, three times, not ten times, not a hundred times, what power he had that would give him the energy to try again, even after losing again and again. Even after so many failures, that confident force has given him courage. He had faith in himself that he could see a bulb burning and giving light from there.



And that believer has made him successful. The power of self confidence summary. Just think. What would have happened if he had accepted the rate? Imagine what would have happened if Columbus had accepted the rate. There are millions of liberals in the world who have faced difficult circumstances but they have never broken down. Think to yourself, ask, what you want from you and what your mind is saying about what you want. If you have faith in your mind that I will fulfil the desire of your mind, it is confident. Hold on to it, never let it go to waste, then the victory will be yours.

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